Some details of an up and coming show here
I’ll edit this post later when I have a moment to give a short description of what we hope to do..


8 Responses to “Sleepless….”

  1. Did the Starbucks people sign on as sponsers because of all the ‘nice’ things you’ve said about them here in the past? Will they be providing a deep fried mars bar espresso flavor that night on your behalf? I’ll take one haggis latte grande por favor!

  2. wish i could attend–the work you do with budd is truly inspired stuff; i can’t seem to stop playing the mysterious skin soundtrack. a mutual friend, poppy gonzalez, once told me that you calmed her nerves before a show by telling her that if she was going alright, you’d pull a banana out of your pocket, and damned if you didn’t do it during the set. i always thought that was a charming and bizarre gesture. anyway, your music has inspired my own (and my mates’ music). a couple drafty choons are at if you’re bored and feel like blowing off practicing for a few minutes. 😉 cheers, and hope to see live again one day.

  3. I hurriedly bought a ticket because I saw that the show was at the Egyptian, thinking it was the one in Hollywood, but alas, it is in Seattle! How compulsive and naive can one girl be? What should I do? Return it ? NEVER! Fuck it, I am coming to Seattle from LA to see the show. Anyone want to buy a slightly used Dalmatian? Any ideas for a cheap room?

  4. robin guthrie Says:

    Erica – you’re so dysfunctional … lol

  5. Robin, I take offense! I am not dysfunctional, I am merely functional in a R A N D O M fashion. Happy accidents are happening with or without me, I just get in the boat and put my life preserver on. It’s things like music that keep my keel even.

  6. starhopper Says:

    I bought my ticket and look forward to hearing you play live – it’s been since the HOLV tour for me. Eek! I did try to make a couple Cali gigs last year, but they just didn’t work out. “Continental” is amazing (what I have heard so far) and can’t wait to get my copy in a couple weeks. I sure look forward to hearing more from you and Mr. Budd. You’re the best! Wishing you and your family good things.

  7. i am still waiting for waterloo records in austin to get their copies of continental.
    i am a sucker for all the music that you and the cocteaus and harold and everyone……
    your music is so fulfiling to my heart.

  8. who is erica?
    (damn…i have a memory like a sieve).

    the banana story is true though..he he
    it was at a sing-sing gig and it cased me much amusement.

    much respect to robin on the banana front

    pg x

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