Anatomy of a recording session : day 3

Er, OK, no pictures, no time to fuck about with gadgets and stuff. Been flat out recording some high class entertainment for y’all.. Very productive day.. I’m in a weird head space. Only getting relief from myself when I listen to Harold play the piano.. This really beats getting out one of his CDs and playing it… I get a private performance….Takes me somewhere else, don’t you know…


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  1. I see that Harold is using an acoustic piano ? Most of the work I have from him apparently was recorded using an electric piano or synth.
    I’m impatient to hear all this new material. Keep up the good work.

  2. ah i remember having a simliar experiance watching you at sound check at the wilshire,

  3. looking forward to
    hearing your
    spacey mind wandering
    speak for themselves

  4. LUCKY!!

  5. Welcome to California, it has an effect on artistic folks. Glad we finally have some sunshine to warm you. After recently revisiting Moon & the Melodies I can understand what you mean about the sound of you two, very harmonious. I bet even the walls are soothed and blissful. Take a drive south, down highway 1 and you will be pleased. Don’t fret over this web stuff, keep the flow going no matter what, we know what you are up to.

    Have a great weekend

  6. William & Willie Says:

    ok… all’s we are saying is how could 2 of our favorite artists be in town and there is no live show……NO….. Robin are you still in contact with Diana Trimble from Aether?

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