UK Shows


June 2nd Aberdeen The Belmont Picturehouse
June 3rd Edinburgh Cameo Cinema
June 4th Liverpool Picturehouse at FACT
June 5th York City Screen
June 6th Oxford Phoenix Picturehouse
June 7th Cambridge Arts Picturehouse
June 8th Stratford-upon-Avon Picturehouse
June 9th Bath Little Theatre
June 10th Exeter Picturehouse
June 11th Brighton Duke of York’s Cinema
June 12th London Gate Cinema
June 13th London Ritzy Cinema

I’ll be playing a live score to my animated film Lumiere, just me, guitar, laptop and other electronic gadgets..


16 Responses to “UK Shows”

  1. I just went across to to pre-order the Everlasting EP, for $8, but there’s a $10 minimum for mail order (maybe the dispatcher there is a La Poste veteran…). Would you like to recommend something from their catalogue to take me over the $10 barrier?

  2. Check out the v/a – LITTLE DARLA HAS A TREAT FOR YOU, v.24: Endless Summer edition 2XCD (Darla: DRL175: 708527017524) $6.99 It has an exclusive track from Robin Guthrie. That’s what I ordered.

    Take Care,

  3. got my tickets booked for your York performance – looking forward to it with eager anticipation. If you need a pointer to somewhere to eat drop me a mail!
    all the best!

  4. Hi Robin
    Do you plan to tour in france ? Let us know, you have a lot of fans here you know !!

  5. Anything planned for the north-east, Durham/Newcastle Robin? Would love to see you live.

    Kind Regards

  6. Hey Robin,

    Just to let you know that those assholes working at La Poste (one of the shittiest things we have in France)tried to tell me the same. I insisted telling the woman I don’t have the means to pay for a package and my CD was sent as a letter with “the risk of being lost” (so said she)…Bummer… If they really want to force us paying for their stuff they can count me out !
    Anyway, can’t wait for Continental !!! And I really LOVE Mysterious Skin’s score !


  7. Hi Robin:

    Are you going to be playing on NYC again?

  8. mark and katryn Says:

    good luck robin with your albums and tour this year when you come over in june for your gigs any chance you could play wales like swansea we will put you up for the night at our house with a meal and brekfast let us know

  9. edmur a. maia Says:

    Dear Robin.: Would you consider to film these gigs you are going to do in Englan and than release It on dvd?It would make a lot of people happy.People such as your fans from distant countries…

    Edmur A.Maia,Brazil

  10. D.B. PARKES Says:

    so happy at the chance to see you again after so long.
    if you fancy a pint before or after the show ..don’t be shy..

  11. parkes barclay david Says:

    maybe if D B Parkes attended the Bella Union Show in May 05 at the Tunnels, Aberdeen with Bikini Atoll, Josh Martinez and The Czars then he could have bought you a pint then as you were DJing!!

    Typical P though – part timer!

  12. simon " bearclaw " thornhill Says:

    hello robin
    best wishes for continental & uk shows of luminere [ why no manchester show ? no venue suitable / available ? ]
    cant wait for new violet indiana release / shows 😉
    delighted to hear that FFC & milk n kisses hve been remastered

    take care much huggs from da beaclaw
    come see us in manchester soon as poss

  13. robin guthrie Says:

    parkes barclay david : that wasn’t me, my friend… I was 8078 kilometers away at the time in San Francisco…

    simon bearclaw : The shows are being hosted by Picturehouse Cinemas. There’s probably not one in Manchester… Come on, Liverpool isn’t that far away.. Don’t be lazy.. I’m coming further… 🙂

    patrick : je veux bien faire quelques concerts en France mais malhereusment je n’ai pas une maison disque pour sortir mes disques ne un agent pour trouve les concerts. C’est peu un ironique, hein?

  14. Robin,

    Will there be copies of the new LP and EPs for sale at your forthcoming Lumiere gigs? Looking forward to the Bath show.

    Cheers, Joe

  15. parkes barclay david Says:

    oops! it was Simon Raymonde, wasn’t it?

    Sorry, I was pissed.

  16. Robin,

    the footage for the show looks beautiful. apologies for the tech question but what did you use to do the compositing and editing of the visuals?


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