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Anatomy of a recording session : day 4

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Well then, what a day…
This session is most pleasing, you know.. I think that even if we were not making any music today, I’d be enjoying the company of the little crew we have in the studio, myself, Harold, the engineer Aaron and my good friend Ken who has just arrived in from Seattle and is helping out, although he didn’t realise he’d be helping out until he got here. Ken’s the one who usually takes me to hospital, so I trust him enough to give a little pro-tools advice and take great pleasure in watching him ask Harold lots of geeky questions about music.. But most of all it’s fun to have another pro-tools freak to poke fun at about the utter inadequacy of that system. But Aaron and Ken are both doing well with it today apart from losing a few takes of guitar here and there.
Today we got real downtempo . . s l o w and did a few pieces which seemed to work.. Then we kinda figured we hadn’t really listened back to anything we’ve done since Monday so figured it may be nice to do so. Listening back to stuff is a bit of a luxury when you have so much to get through with a limited amount of time to get through it, so I was more than pleasantly surprised when we pulled up the pieces from Monday as they sounded rich and colourful and, interestingly, a lot more varied in tone and texture than I remember them being when we did them.
So… Last day tomorrow, I think we could go with what we have done already so anything else we do tomorrow is a real bonus. The record isn’t finished yet though as I’ve got to take it back home with me do do some more work, tidy stuff up, re-do some of my guitars but more importantly get it into cubase so that I can do some proper editing…

me and the old fella…

kato san freaking
Harold, Aaron and Ken watching Pro-Tools rebooting again


Anatomy of a recording session : day 3

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Er, OK, no pictures, no time to fuck about with gadgets and stuff. Been flat out recording some high class entertainment for y’all.. Very productive day.. I’m in a weird head space. Only getting relief from myself when I listen to Harold play the piano.. This really beats getting out one of his CDs and playing it… I get a private performance….Takes me somewhere else, don’t you know…

Anatomy of a recording session : day 2

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OK, I’m starting to think this was a stupid idea to write something about the session each night as I’m knackered and want to go to bed. However, I’m a man of my word so here we go… Breakfast was nice, as was lunch and dinner. We did some music as well…
OK, I can do better than that, I know but I worry that writing about the creative process is somehow redundant and perhaps not very interesting. My words are not enough to describe the highs and lows of the days, the highs being when a particular sweet note just hits the spot and sends you reeling, the lows being held up by an irritating technical issue whilst in mid flow. The highs being a rather splendid all meat burrito, the lows being the $50 parking ticket I got while eating said burrito. What Ever
Anyway the session is in good shape, much progress is being made, many pieces of music are being created, none perfected… Just exactly where we’re meant to be.. Now I’m meant to be in bed…bonne nuit


Anatomy of a recording session : day 1

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me and tom, the engineer

I’ve mentioned this before but to fill those of you who were messing around at the back of the class, I’m making an album with Harold Budd and I thought I’d just post a few notes during the week as it may be fun and an interesting little souvenir.
So, here we are, in San Francisco after much organising, many miles travelled, a nightmare plane trip (which I’d love to share about but I’ve promised not to bitch about things here, especially things like other peoples fat obnoxious kids that eat crap for 12 hours on the plane and then throw up over you) and a very fine dinner last night which Harold paid for, here we are, indeed, ready to start recording an album together. This is the first day and usually the first day is an important one because it sets the tone, somewhat, for the recording session. We’re together in the studio for the first time in a long while and I’ve been impatient to get started.. All I can really say is that we’ve really just spent all day completely in our element.. It’s evident that, at this time, the sound of myself playing the guitar and Harold playing the piano just seem to belong together. Today we’ve just done a couple of pieces of music, as we had to spend a little time setting things up, more time chatting and drinking coffee and even more time waiting for some technical things to be sorted. It seems very organic and just right… Now, forgive me for being enthusiastic but I think this will be a fine piece of work…I know it may seem a little premature to say that but I have a feeling….. I don’t really want to go into details and describe what we are doing because, I guess, most people who read this will have a sort of sense of what the results may sound like so I’d rather just let our music speak for itself.. I’ll just say that it’s, well, piano and guitar… damn, I’ve given it away…
OK, I’ll try for some quality storytelling tomorrow, tonight, I’m done…
a demain

harold with speedy fingers

UK Shows

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June 2nd Aberdeen The Belmont Picturehouse
June 3rd Edinburgh Cameo Cinema
June 4th Liverpool Picturehouse at FACT
June 5th York City Screen
June 6th Oxford Phoenix Picturehouse
June 7th Cambridge Arts Picturehouse
June 8th Stratford-upon-Avon Picturehouse
June 9th Bath Little Theatre
June 10th Exeter Picturehouse
June 11th Brighton Duke of York’s Cinema
June 12th London Gate Cinema
June 13th London Ritzy Cinema

I’ll be playing a live score to my animated film Lumiere, just me, guitar, laptop and other electronic gadgets..

So Many Things….

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… have happened since I last was here.. Well what exactly?.. Well I’ve been working on a few things which I’ll talk briefly about later but first I feel the need to bitch about something as is my way from time to time (to time).. The first port of call would be La Poste which seems to be introducing a new tariff regarding the sending of CDs in the mail, or any other small package containing an item, and not a letter.. My local post bitch, who I’m sure is a very nice lady but for my purposes tonight is an evil capitalist nazi just informed me yesterday that as of April 1st I could no longer mail a cd as a small packet, as we say in the more civilised parts of Europe, but now it qualifies as a parcel.. Now sorry for being pedantic here, I know a small packet and a parcel may sound similar, even weigh the same, but there the similarity ends mes amis because while it costs around 2 euros to send a CD to the UK or USA as a small packet it costs 15 euros to send it as a parcel…mmm
For those of you who were not paying attention, I’ll go over the figures again..
Small Packet equalling a CD in a mailer, 100grams weight………two euros
Parcel, equalling same CD in same mailer 100grams weight……..fffffffffffffffifteen euros
So what’s the deal? Am I being misinformed? She assures me otherwise… as did the other local post office that I darted off to in order to prove PB wrong….
This means that if you live in my neck of the woods and are the type of fellow to make music and periodically have to send out a few CDs you had better start saving or perhaps approach the problem from another direction.. Lets say I have to mail out, say 50 CDs to the USA, you know promo discs and that sort of thing. Now if I consider that that would cost me 750 euros, (plus the cost of the discs and the mailers) and a return flight to New York being around 400 euros.. well you can see what I’m getting at, can’t you?
OK that’s just stupid….
If any of you frenchies can pop down to your local La Poste for me and verify if this is correct or not I’d be eternally grateful.
In the meantime I’ll be putting my house on the market.

So, that’s the bitchin’, now here’s the update…
OK, I’ve been mixing tracks for the forthcoming Mahogany album. Ive done three tracks, domino ladder beta, supervitesse and my bed is may castle and they sound just lovely. I can’t say it was the easiest session I’ve ever done, it’s always challenging to work with people when they’re on the other side of the ocean, but I think the end result is worth the challenge and that’s the main thing…
Mahogany are from Brooklyn NY and so are Apollo Heights who have just been here to mix a track for their forthcoming album, which is going to be a fine piece of work when it’s completed. They’re in Paris now doing preproduction for the album which I’ll be working on when I finish up with my present commitments.. What commitments? Well I’m going to California for a few weeks to record an album with Harold Budd which I’m really looking forward to.. I can’t remember the last time we worked together in the studio, I mean actually in the same room. Although Mysterious Skin had us working together Harold recorded his parts in Los Angeles and sent stuff to me via the internet… think the last time we worked was on The White Arcades but I may be mistaken. Anyway I have no doubt that we’ll come up with something mighty fine… Then what?…. Then I’m going to do some shows in the UK in June. I’ll be performing a version of Lumiere in selected cinemas around the country.. It’s a funny time to be playing, as I have my album Continental being released at the same time but I probably won’t be playing stuff from it as I am excited about the idea of performing that stuff with a band later in the year.. The show in the cinema is nice, though, but it’s a really different atmosphere from what I’m intending to do with the band.. Anyway, apart from the fact that I’ll be spending early summer driving up and down the M fucking 6 instead of sitting by the pool drinking margaritas, it should be fun. Then what? OK, then I’m nipping back to Seattle to do a very special one off performance which I’ll post here about once it’s been confirmed….
Been a bit busy getting the artwork together for my forthcoming album, Continental and the EP called Everlasting EP as well.. I’m making another EP called Waiting For Dawn which I’m going to make available to purchase only at my concerts… (unless, of course, no one buys them and I get stuck with boxes of them all over the place)…
OK, that’s it for now, can’t be arsed typing anymore…