… I put a song up on My Space…

I don’t have any friends though.. Except Tom… Very dependable Tom is… I used to have some but I think I fried them all by mistake. More later.. Have to work now…


7 Responses to “alright…?”

  1. I’ll be yer friend, Robin.

  2. hi robin,
    that’s a mighty lovely tune! Cant wait to have the album and ep in my grips. I’d be your friend, but Im kind of scared of my space and friendster and that kind of stuff. But I have looked at it at a friends house to see if my ex girlfriend was on it. nope.
    best, greg

  3. i’ll friend too robin!

  4. tempovision Says:

    Hey Robin I’m at work as we speak and they blocked myspace because it’s addicting and it exposes alot of people cheating, dating, sex deviants, kindnappings, defamation of character and all kinds of shit here in the U.S. but also what could be used for evil can also be used for good, but when I get home I’ll add you on, great to have you on the network of 70 million, I was hoping sooner or later you’d come in with a profile. thanks !!

  5. I love the song Robin! Brilliant, as is all of your work! Much love to you sir!

  6. Beautiful songs Robin! I pre-ordered Continental, can’t wait to get my copy.
    I saw your Lumiere show here in Los Angeles
    last year and it was brilliant. Any chance
    you will be coming back this way to play
    your new material? Stay cool, stay productive…pleeease

  7. I just checked out Monument and Flicker and I’m very impressed and excited. I can’t wait for my copy of Continental to arrive. Any chance you may
    come back to Los Angeles to play the new material? I saw you at the Pacific Ballroom last year performing Lumiere. Awesome show!! Hope you find your way back here real soon. Cheers!!

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