Things to do at an airport during a really long stopover

Pretend to be Dr Seuss……

Wait, wait some, but don’t leave it too late, don’t be too late to go to the gate,
(The gate, of course, being gate ninety eight)
Because if you are late when you go to gate ninety eight
The other passengers will look at you with something like hate
Because you’ve made them wait and wait and wait and be late,
Get this straight, if you are late, the plane won’t wait.

So you want to be prompt, so you stand in this line,
And you think, fine, I’ll stand in this line, it must be mine,
But after some time in the line, you feel less fine,
And you think, this line is not mine, it’s the line
For gate ninety nine.

So you go straight to the gate, gate ninety eight and you’re not too late, that’s great..
You’re lucky, that’s fine, you found the line, just in time at gate ninety nine..

Make witty observations
Why have they removed postal services from the US airports I visit but continue to sell postcards in the gift shops therein?

for power outlets to charge your laptop and free wireless networks to facilitate posting useless shit….


4 Responses to “Things to do at an airport during a really long stopover”

  1. Great stuff Robin! 🙂

  2. Gaetan Charbonneau Says:

    Hi Robin,

    I was looking to buy (I still am) a new turntable to play vinyl again, and I was wondering what kind of sonic improvements I could get from playing Imperial in vinyl. It would be great to hear I guess but wait…I heard the CD was discontinued here in North America? So, finding Imperial in vinyl might be quite a challenge hey? Oh, I see, it was never released on vinyl?? Or was it?

    Cheers anyway,

    Lorraine, Qc Canada.

  3. edmur maia Says:

    do you have intention to play in brazil in a near future?

  4. Where is the link of Violet Indiana (bella union) ?

    Is there another official web of Violet Indiana ?

    I love Violet Indiana !!!!!

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