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Catching Up…..

Posted in robin's music on December 22, 2005 by robin guthrie

Sooo…. yes, not much in writing this month… well, let me see… I had a lovely time in Los Angeles. It was sunny. People were smiling. It was warm. It was November. Enjoyed the trip there. Enjoyed the hospitality of strangers. Enjoyed speaking English. Enjoyed becoming re-aquainted with a different way of living. I enjoyed the care people took who were involved with my performance. I enjoyed breakfast. I enjoyed being smiled at in an almost perfect way and being called Simon. The show was downtown. I had never really spent any time downtown in LA… I enjoyed that too. I saw Ken Kato from Seattle. I enjoyed that. I didn’t have him drive me to the emergency room this time. Big Improvement. I enjoyed his company. We talked of boy things like expensive Mic Amps … I have no expensive Mic Amps. I sold them all for food. I realised I don’t have to own them to enjoy them. They will always be there… Or at least they’ll be in Seattle..I had breakfast again. I had breakfast with Harold Budd. I saw Ted Grudowski from Seattle..We talked of boy things like 3D photography…Ted took some 3D photo’s of myself and Harold Budd over breakfast. I saw Greg Hughes from London. He had a really big fucking camera. We talked of boy things like big cameras. We went to Frys. We had breakfast. Greg took some picturea of Harold and me as well. I met a lovely couple called Clay and Kirsten from Texas.. We talked of darkness and joy….I went to a radio station to do an interview – I couldn’t find said radio station – I had a burrito instead…..I did a show at the Wilshire Grand. It was grand… I met James and Miles who put on the show. Very nice people indeed. We spoke of boys things like musical equipment…I met Mo, who let me use his equipment. Thank you Mo… We spoke of boys things like musical equipment. I met Phil from Club Violaine. We had breakfast at 3am. He ate more than me. We talked of boys things like skateboards and fishing for bass. I went to the music store.. I got a parking ticket..The fuckers had a parking lot carefully hidden behind their store… Well, hell, with a little help from a friend, I even paid the ticket…I met Andy Hutson from AZ. We talked of Lomo hacks. I meant to give send him a link to one of my favorite magazines. I forgot. I’ll do it now…. make
I’d love to post one of the pictures he took….


I’ll post a 3D one when I get the OK from Ted. I should post more things from this trip but they’re still bouncing around inside my head and my computer. The show I played may have been lovely, maybe not. I was a bit too close to tell. I enjoyed it.

It works…



Posted in robin's life on December 17, 2005 by robin guthrie

For the last 4 weeks my dsl has been down. I know, I know.. I promised not to bitch about it any more…. I’m not going to. I’m going to thank everyone involved at France Telecom who got me back online. No, really. This is sincere…
What Ever….
One of the fun things about doing a web log is, for me, just telling everyday stories about the things I experience. This devolves me of the responsibility of actually talking to people. It’s been a really busy month, with the shows in Los Angeles and London but there has been so much primo web log material lost by me not being able to get online right away while the stories are fresh in my head. Now, sadly things are fading and I couldn’t start to tell of the places I’ve been, the people I’ve met and the utter stupidity I’ve been confronted with. Needless to say it’s been thoroughly heart-warming and my serenity has remained intact. 🙂
I’ll leave it there.. I’ll have a think and a little look around my computer for some stuff to post in the next day or so…
I’m happy to be back….