Mixing – Creating – This weeks model

The next mix I have ready is called Amphora. I made a CDR and went and listened to the 5 mixes that I’ve none already and I was not too displeased. There are a few little adjustments here and there to be done but the essence is there. However, I always find the beauty is in the details, so I will be tweaking them a little over the next few weeks.
I have a guest arriving tomorrow from England with whom I plan to create something special. He’ll be around for a few days so I may not be able to post much.. We’ll be busy. It’s not often, these days, that I’m creating with another person, so it ought to prove an interesting experience. Well I hope I can just let my control freak within take a holiday for a few days…


4 Responses to “Mixing – Creating – This weeks model”

  1. Would that guest happen to be Simon?

  2. Davi Taylor Says:

    Hi Robin!
    Sorry to come atcha thru the ‘log’, but I haven’t found any other means of contact! It’s me, wee Scottish Davi, that worked for you guys @ Sept. Sound, ’95.Very keen to find everyone inc Nina…Got any leads?
    I’ve been keepin’ tabs on T.C.T. all these years…anyways I’ll stop bletherin’.Drop me a line.
    Cheers, Davi.

  3. Hi.

    Lifelong fan exiled to Sydney. Amazing place here but musically I think It suffers so much from its isolation and lack of an ‘edge’ but I digress. Have watched this blog for a while but havn’t had the ‘cojones’ to post until now. Love the recent music, just so damn hard to get for me. I dont suppose you have plans for a Australasian distribution agreement through the digital parking lot?

    Have a really nice w/e.

  4. Well?

    You shouldn’t keep a gal waiting like this, you know.

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