sort of starts here, so as I said I’ve been reflective, watching the cosmos for a tell-tale sign that the future is mapped out before me but the sign must have been a trifle subtle as all I could make out was a black sky with a bunch of stars in it. (OK, so there was the sound of the ocean ebbing and flowing, but whatever……). So I did the dreaded ‘coming home’ email thing, which is always something I’m reluctant to do, but apart from the people in Nigeria wanting to make me rich and the people in Central America wanting to sell me Viagra, nothing of any great professional interest jumped out at me. There were, of course, several personal emails which touched me (made me sad me in a way too, as a real letter may have been nice, but hey, I’m soooo old school when it comes to correspondence..) [except with tera who I seem to have a different time scale with – don’t worry dear, it’s on it’s way]
I’m still a few week from getting started on the roller-coaster of music production a and the juggling of real life and being able to achieve the aforementioned music production but I have made a few decisions regarding my work, the primary one being that I need to tidy up my studio before I start work again and the others having to do with selection of songs for my forthcoming album and who to collaborate with later in the year, how to expand my live show without breaking the bank and how to finish the Violet Indiana film strip before I die… Oh, not to mention some sort of a web presence, with perhaps the possibility to sell my music online as downloads (and I’m not talking itunes, as I’d like to actually make something from my music – anyone who read my cocteau twins/itunes statement would be horrified) Anyway, without getting all negative about things, I’m going to use my itunes royalties to go buy some black bin bags into which I’ll deposit all last years coffee cups and general studio detritus (well I may have to add some of my own money) and therefore clear the way for the next bunch of coffee drinking and general studio messiness.
This could be quite a good thing.. I feel as rejuvenated as anyone who has spent a few weeks gently wandering from beach to beach around Europe. I also managed to create a few new pieces of music on my laptop while away. [ the secret of being a parent and trying to work at the same time is to get them exhausted so they want to go to bed at bedtime thus allowing a few hours work in the evening ]
OK, my time is limited here, I’m going to shake the sand out of my laptop and transfer some things into my studio [fuck the coffee cups for the meantime]


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  1. Hi Robin:

    Great idea about selling your music as downloads. I would buy them all!!! I bought some Rothko MP3’s from Pretty cool way to buy tunes.

    Hope you enjoyed your time off.

    Take Care,

  2. I’m worried as I think about people with no credit card (including myself).

  3. You can always use paypal. That can use a checking account.


  4. Billy Rivera Says:

    Hey Robin,
    If your looking for something to do later this year you should help me sort out the songs I’ve been writing for the past 4 years. Im not a signed artist, but I’ve been recording demo’s in my garage for the past two years. I’d love to send you some of my stuff…I think my vocal/songwriting style is right up your alley.

  5. florence Says:

    i strongly advise you to stop thinking abt making music, tidying up and all those crap. just for today it is summertime, let your spirit wonder to other places and breathe….
    i love you.

  6. Well, I’ve come back again.

    Surprised! Is she Robin’s wife?

    I’m sure she is.


  7. Matias Guajardo Says:

    Welcome back my dear Robin!

    Why not before your next album come out, a little tour in south america could be?

    The best wishes from Santiago-Chile

  8. welcome back….spent last nite painting in my studio until 4am listening to head over heels…artschool was alot easier with your tunes…thank you…long allnighters, oil paint solvent w/ five, ten and fiftyfold….

  9. Randon H. Says:

    For some reason I find it hard to imagine myself having a kid or Kids and trying to write an entire Album. I mean kids are a career as it is.
    Ah well. If theres passion involved, even if i was on a Hijacked plane with misguided Manics nothing would stop me from writing.

  10. Today I’ve finally bought my copy of “Mysterious Skin”. It’s so beautiful. Thank you, Robin (& Harold).

  11. Robin! What song is used in the second half of the Mysterious Skin trailer? I can’t figure it out!

  12. Don’t worry about the prime Ms. S – holding her in abeyance with the other not until such time said and then. Was gonna let her record last week but said fuck it. All my charm to this date is held by you. “You’re a psychopath” yes and to note this day mine. Will catch up with you later on. All mine again. Until then, tape – snippets from Neil who hates her.

  13. The Mysterious Skin soundtrack is marvellous. I’ve been listening also to ‘Victorialand’ and Treasure’ on my summer holidays,by the sea.
    Keep up the good work,
    Greetings from Greece

  14. Alan Legge Says:

    Hi Robin,
    Is playing in Osnabrück ( Germany ) still an option ?, if so let me know and I will organise something in maybe October/November if that suits you.
    All the best
    Alan ( The German with a Northern Accent !!)

  15. oi fukka! Get out and breathe some more fresh air. Will you teach me to crunch beer cans on my head too?

  16. Hi Mate
    Hey did you ever think of, or consider asking Boards of Canada to mix around with some of your stuff. Might be interesting. Cheers.

  17. Anthony Preziosi Says:

    Hi Robin. In the September 2 “Entertainment Weekly” magazine, Jason Lee lists Blue Bell Knoll as “my favorite album of all time.” He said, “When I was 18 my girlfriend game me this CD for my birthday. She was way ahead of the curve when it came to music. I wasn’t. It’s still my favorite CD of all time.”

    Also on his list is Miles Davis, Interpol, Beck Bob Dylan, Radiohead adn Bjork.

  18. Russell Chen Says:

    This is killing me. The second part of the trailer contains the best song from the movie Mysterious Skin and its not even on the soundtrack. What’s the name of the track please? People are asking this on other forums and no one seems to know anything about this “Mysterious” track.

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