just for the moment..

I returned here after a quick look around the continent. I’m not done with it quite yet. I checked my mail to find three new children breathing our air and, sadly, one old dog not. I don’t know if it is the time of year, or the weather, or what it is, but I feel strangely disconnected from my usual life. I’m spending ‘quality’ time with my youngest, Violette, and the world has become one of simple pleasures, like going to the beach and teaching her how to crush beer cans on to her forehead.. Really, I shouldn’t even bother writing this as I am a million miles away from this in my heart… but.. surely that is the whole point of writing like this. So here’s my holiday snap. anyone care to guess where it is from?


22 Responses to “just for the moment..”

  1. Is there soap beneath/next to the plaque?

  2. Is this some kind of memorial from Oradour-sur-glane?

  3. Hi Robin. My name is Mark. I’m a longtime fan of your work and do the occasional bit of music journalism and events promotion, though I am probably best known for being one of the creators of LiveJournal.com.

    I didn’t know you had a blog until I ran into it while doing research for a post on “Mysterious Skin”. Expect a bit of traffic from my site and from my post at metafilter.com.

    Also heard something interesting from a friend, that the the incidental music for the soundtrack won’t be released seperately. Is there additional material not on the soundtrack album? If so, it would be wonderful if there were a way for fans to get access to it.

    Lastly, it looks like the film may be running afoul of Australian censors. See http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5744,15976133%255E16947,00.html .

  4. Is it a memorial somewhere around the Somme? Could be a senory garden for alzheimer’s sufforers….? Bad Joke.. sorry…. bit too close to home that one! Nonetheless, I’m driving down to Paray le Monial in August with my daughter to visit distant famile, which I’m not looking foward to…. 400 miles from Calais…. not used to driving a right hand drive car in France and I have no air conditioning and No doubt Grace… my daughter will be irritable…

    Got hold of a couple of albums you mentioned….M83 and Star of the Lid and Teflon Tel Aviv…. I already have loads of Jobim stuff so no need their. Big sound going on with M83!…. Anyway enjoy rest of vacation…. Cheers Harvey…

  5. I think Adam got it right….it’s a plaque to mark the horrors of Oradour-sur-Glane …what a nightmare it must have been in 1944….no wonder you had to go to the beach and teach Violette how to crush beer cans on her forehead…sounds like a chilling place to visit. Hopw the rest of the trip was more cheery…

  6. Cedric Caspesyan Says:

    I bet you can find it on these sites?:



    Ah well….close but not sugar.

    I’m in Canada anyway.


  7. Ahhh, Here I lie soothing my insomnia in Tennessee, USA listening to Treasure, my first Cocteau Twins album, first discovered two decades ago and often applied at the end of a frenetic lsd trip during the madness that was MY 80’s,…thanx again Robin…I saw you twice in Denver, The Paramount in 90 or 91 and the Ogden around 95 or 96 I believe…My best friend nearly swooned when a collection of sweat droplets flew from Elizabeth’s brow and burst apart upon his upstreatched fingers…good times…I’ll be back!

  8. You should teach her how to smash a beer bottle on daddy’s head next.

  9. Hello Robin,
    would like to send you a cd of our band Deleyaman.
    presently working on our next album in Normandy, France. all my best

  10. salut Robin,
    You might be surprised to know that you have old fans in Creuse, which is one of the less populated department of France (something that could change in the future considering the increase of dutch and british citizens who strangely decide to live there, for the beautiful nature and the calm, perhaps, so, that’s a good choice… ); Creuse is next to Haute-Vienne, where you’d probably took this picture…
    I’m not a musician (i’m more in visual arts) but I’ve always thought that the most beautifully strange, bizarre and risky things you’ve done were the four ep’s you’ve recorded with the cocteau twins from 1985 to 1986, from aikea guinea to love’s easy tears; personnaly, I’m still bewitched by this music… it had a kind of madness you don’t find easily (and often) in rock or popular music…

  11. Hi – I think it might be Oradour. I was there a couple of times last year. Devastating place. Seeing the burnt, bent frames of children’s bicycles is gut-wrenching.

    Saw Cocteau Twins twice. Once in the Parr Hall, Warrington in 94 and again in Royal Albert Hall. Superb. So many great songs (‘Cherry-coloured Funk’ changed my life) I had to reference a few of them in my novels. 🙂

    ‘Imperial’ is a very interesting album too. Mesmerising…

  12. What happened to the book we are sharing?

  13. Robin, try to consider coming to Dublin for a gig someday. There’s about a million people I know who’d love to have you play here. My old man said he’d get rid of our 10 urchins for the night so you can have the small bedroom.

  14. Drepmore Says:

    I completely agree with the person above. Dublin is a lovely city. Its much better than Belfast. And there are many great places to play.

    We’d love to see you over here soon. We’re tired of New Order and the frigging Datsuns!

    Matt, Dublin

  15. Yes, do come to Dublin, we’d love to see you play here and there’s plenty of great venues.

  16. andy, Dublin Says:

    Dublin indeed. It’s a wonderful little place. And if you come I promise to get you into see the Book of Kells for free.

  17. a dublin gig would be excellent indeed 😉 (please)

  18. Dublin’s cool! We have bars and Guinness and lotsa stuff…but we’re missing one thing…YOU!!

    Brian, Dublin

  19. thanks for sharing the moment, afterall, a moment is all we really have anyway isn’t it? 🙂

    I enjoy your sharing and glad to hear you have had a great holiday. See you around the boards and here, of course!


  20. Lori B. Nelson Says:

    Saw you perform in L.A. … the Coachella deal was cancelled for Cocteau. Seeing you play entirely made up for that disappointment.

    Thank you so very, very much for following thru to your committment to ‘Club Violaine’. Won’t ever forget it……


  21. Nice post. I’ll return. If you can’t pay for a thing, don’t buy it: http://www.bartleby.com/100/ , The best condition in life is , they go mad in herds

  22. I’m breading my first baby and I’m so involved in it that I can understand you. Though sometimes you have to relax and play those little games for yourself.

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