Taking a break..

going on holiday…
need a break…
taking my laptop though in case this continent inspires me…
will be back sometime..


14 Responses to “Taking a break..”

  1. have a nice time

  2. Eduardo Alcala Says:

    happy holiday. Hope you get inspired. Anyway, maybe you don’t need this right now, so turn off your lap top and take your brake…

  3. Enjoy summer;)

  4. Hey fukka….have fun. haven’t heard from you in ages

  5. As I sit here in my recording studio, I wish somehow that the inspiration and times that have flown by were some how still possible to be made again with an even more fancy free and wonderfull expression not yet discovered. Those I have collaborated with and the hardships I discovered are but stepping stones to me, and the outcome beyond anything humanly communicated.

  6. Used a dead email in my last post, feel free to give comment. what I can not understand is that of a new form of communication being destroyed by the symbols money and language of the human condition. I have realized short of losing my own life that collaboration within a group of people that can create something of beauty that trancends (sp_) our own being, that differences should remain only within the human condition. and all other issues aside should be left to rot.
    play for free. create the worlds, for they are bigger than anything life here can pull down. if there were a god, god knows then that I would.


  7. Hi Robin…

    Have a nice time in your holiday…

    The best wishes from santiago, Chile

  8. Tom Wenzel Says:

    Music for Holidayz,

    how about:
    1) Wendy by The Association
    2)Teen angst by M83
    3)007 and Counting – Diamonds are Forever soundtrack
    4)Come Maddalina – Morricone
    5)King Kong sountrack all of it – John Barry 1979

    oh dear this could go on forever –
    (Diamond head – Beach boys)

  9. You might like this

  10. I search for you every now and then, because I wonder how you are and how things are going.

  11. this is my proper url at the moment

  12. Stefania Nepi Says:

    Dear Robin,

    I am writing from an Italian agency. I would like
    to invite you to one of our Festival.
    Could you please contact me as soon as you can?
    Thank you.
    ph. +39 02 48194128

  13. Two thumbs up!!! Discontent makes rich men poor: http://www.bartleby.com/100/ , that get all the publicity , How Linux thin-clients benefit schools

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