well, here I am, in my little office, adjoining my studio. I’ve been in the studio all day, well enough of it to feel like I’m working, and therefore, somehow, worthy. Anyway. Point is. I have recovered from my major hard disk incident, in january, in no part due to the major tenacity excercise which was 19 crescent.. ’nuff said, I have a few things languishing on a hard drive that spins no more, but the major feeling, after today was… shit, I’ve a lot of work to do… And that, mes amis, is not a bad thing. I am literally finding things on my HD from a few months ago, which rock, but I have little recollection of writing. Anyway, the point is, if there is one… some good shit is a coming. I have a few definite VI songs, and some V.Cool instrumental pieces, which may have to become part of another instrumental album.. A thought I’m not unhappy about, but a) I have no-one to release it and b) I find it difficult to see myself in a purely instrumental role.
but you know what?, fuck it, I am taking pleaure in making music when I do. and that, mes amis, is something that cannot be bought. (not with the dollar the way it is…..ok, joke,…. what ever)


8 Responses to “recording”

  1. good shit indeed, dude I wanted to mention before that the last song you played at 19 crescent concert (not the encore song but the one before) RAWKED. You’ve got to include that as a part of your future release… please?

  2. Hi Robin – SO cool that Jack set up a blog for you. It seems like a little known gem at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll catch on soon enough. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Mysterious Skin score album. I just bought it off i-Tunes a couple of days ago. We’re all so thrilled that the film continues to get such amazing reviews (and deservedly). You’re the best… As always, Michael.

  3. Hi
    I feel fortunate in being able to say I was in the audience for Budd show! For a gig that you say had so little preparation it truly was an aural treat.
    For those that missed it, Robin came on and effortlessly mixed in to the end of Steve Jansen’s (ex-Japan) gong solo with a beautiful guitar instrumental before being joined by nicest man from Hull (Filia Brazillia’s) Steve Cobby’s Mac driven acid line. They were joined in succession by Mr Budd (on grand piano), Bill Nelson (guitar), Theo Travis sax& flute and Jah Wobble (bass) each contributing to a mind blowing amalgam of psychedelic, jazz influenced, drone rock which must have lasted for at least 45 minutes?

    A fantastic show by any standard and only sad in that it wont be repeated 😦

    PS. You cant be serious about not having a record label for the new solo stuff, can you? I personally know 2 perhaps 3 labels who would bite your hand off to be able to release it?

    Anyway great show thanks for the music

  4. mark gough Says:

    hi robin
    yes what a show i loved it too
    nice to see you play loved the sound
    and funny thing the last time i saw you was in brighton was with v/i a few years ago and have not seen you since and this time spent a good time looking around the sea front and i just got home after 5 hours drive and found this link to here great stuff and just ordered the soundtrack for the flim cant wait for that

  5. How can you write 14 songs and a little later already play 9 of them??

    I write some african-like loops for like 8 bars and can’t remember shit of them three minutes later, even for dear life, and need like, a day-two, to learn them. For this reason actually i bought this cool thing zoom ps-02 to record scetches(and it also have a whole load of parametrable effects..)

    Oh, i know, you just write the name of a chord per bar?

  6. Salut Robin…. Surely you can release on Bella…. Don’t know much about such things as I gave up on trying to get stuff released years ago…. largely as it was rubbish but also I clearly did not really understand how things work. But Bella is in part yours init?
    Cheers Harvey

  7. Never wear your best trousers when you go out to fight for freedom and truth.

  8. I was on the mathematics faculty at M.I.T. from 1951 through until I resigned in the spring of 1959.

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