mysterious skin

a lot of people have been talking about this. now, I will tell from my perspective. Just over a year ago Gregg Araki got in touch with me to participate in scoring the soundtrack to his film mysterious skin. So, after us talking about it, I agreed to score, along with Harold Budd, a long time associate (oh, and musical genius)… SO, after reading the book, by Scott Heim, I got the cue sheet and images and scored away, like a motherfucker, and the fruits of my work generally pleased me. Then I attempted to add some stuff to some of Harold’s pieces, which he had been recording in los angeles and that pleased me as well. I believed, at that point, we had a really strong score. After talking with gregg a few times he was able (and, trust me, few people have done this to me!!!) to extrapolate, even extend a few ideas… I complied, and, to his credit, the score is stronger for it.. Anyway, the score .. as such, was finished within a couple of weeks. The final cut, which is the one who usually has the producers nervous, for me has a few misplaced cues, but WTF, the movie is very cool and completely highlights the talents of gregg araki, brady corbett and joseph gordon-levitt amongst countless others.
Now, fast forward a few months and realise that a score album may be a desirable thing to have…so I have 20-30 cues between 5 and 90 seconds in duration – how to turn that into an album?
Well, wtf?, I did it by chosing the most important parts, musically, and gererally melding them into an soundtrack album, which I must say, i’m very proud of. At this moment, I know very little concerning the release, but I’m told, you can pre order it at…


5 Responses to “mysterious skin”

  1. i listened to the soundtrack on the plane to new york today and as i am watching the clouds go by, i had an eureaka moment where the everything converges and i am land in NY as a homosexual. needless to say, it’s so beautiful that asian people would love it too. looking forward to reading more of these insider notes on your process robin!

  2. Finally listening to this OST and absolutely delighted – fantastic work and I never imagined I’d experience a ‘follow-up’ to Moon + the Melodies [one of the finest LPs of the 80s and the CT catalog IMO]; but this follows that superb disc wonderfully and I will be sure to spread the gospel to every pair of ears I come in contact with.

    Cheers and here’s hoping for yet another session circa 2026?! Or how about some live documentation sometime!!

    thanks for enriching me across the decades!!


  3. I loved the film and loved the score! Wish I have music like that when I plan my projects!

  4. The music from Mysterious Skin is as haunting as the film…in fact the movie would have nowhere the impact without the wonderfully etheral score.
    BTW, I noticed there is a song on the Original Trailer, it appears to be the last and final part…it is not on the CD, is that also your work? If so…what is it titled and where can we find this gem as well?

  5. Hi Robin (and harold aswell),

    Thanks for this music. As Imperial and Continental, for me it is driving music, music for journeys. As another guy told before, it is music for landscapes, flying above te clouds. And finally, it is a respectfull tribut to the gay theme, far away from the brainsucking hollywood mainstream bullshit.

    I also love to listen to your music, when I am writing on my short stories and novels. The music creates a room around me, in which I can work.
    Sorry for my bad english – my native language is german 😉


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