going to play with harold budd

This weekend I’ll be in the UK taking part in an event celebrating the musical career of Harold Budd. I have been invited to play with many others including, Steve Cobby, Theo Travis, The Balanescu String Quartet, Bill Nelson, Jah Wobble, Steve Jansen and John Foxx. I understand Russell Mills is doing something visually but have no idea what.. And that is about as much as I know. I’m not sure how it will all work out, as I’ve no idea what to play or who I’m expected to play with. It’s somewhat vague, for sure but, well, with a day or two to rehearse, if we can’t come up with something wonderful we should’t be there…I’m rather nervous about how I will fit in to the whole thing, both from a musical point of view and a social one.. Now, have to go to the store to buy Mr Budd a couple of bottles of chateauneuf-du-pape…
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One Response to “going to play with harold budd”

  1. simon "bearclaw" thornhill Says:

    hello robin

    great news to hear that more glorious VI songs are in development & looking forward to my copy of mysterious skin cd arriving 😉 via amazon – ill be checking out the movie when it comes to manchester [ uk ]
    be well

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