music to die for

I went to london for the day last week as I’d been asked to contribute something to Music To Die For, a forthcoming BBC Radio 4 series put together by author and fellow Scot, Ian Rankin. I first read Ian Rankin novels a few years ago, having alway’s had a thing about crime fiction, being a big fan of the genre, from Jim Thompson to James Elroy (something which rears it’s head from time to time in Violet Indiana songs). To find a writer who had written books about crime in the cities and towns in scotland that I grew up in and find that he’d written into one of his characters, a musical taste which included cocteau twins and, more recently, violet indiana, well, I just had to do it really. So we met up in a studio in London and spent a little while chatting away about the connection between crime writing and music, how authors use music and how musicians like myself use the crime genre to inspire. I hope something good came from the interview, I liked Mr Ian Rankin very much, he seemed, intellegent, unpretentious and a real enthusiast for both crime writing and goood music.


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