I went to the coachella valley music festival to see where I would have played with cocteau twins, had we done it. mmm, well I preferred the 19 crescent vibe, I must say. I was bummed at missing M83 and then was too shy to introduce myself to them afterwards (you can’t really say…’nice show’, now can you?). Did enjoy overhearing them speaking french bitching about some americans though.. :).. As for the festival, well, I was expecting desert, but it was really a very sanitised suburban location.. So.. did the only obvious thing for someone like me, left, then drove to arizona to spend a few days enjoying the real desert. For those of you who know me you will understand the affinity I have for that part of the world, as it has given me so, so much…


3 Responses to “coachella”

  1. yeah, I’m from arizona… 😉

  2. Robin, I cant tell you how much I relate to your affinity for the desert. I wish I could put into words what a defining moment it was for me, in my jeep on a cross desert trip with a full moon guiding and the ethreal sounds of the Cocteau Twins in the background. It was the Moon and The Melodies (on the verge of being contrived here, I know) but wow, was it ever magical.

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