19 crescent….

OK, I rode the amtrack from philadelphia to los angeles, with my laptop and the continually unfolding view of the USA filling my cabin window. I spent about 80 hours on the trains, my sole purpose being to write a bunch of music (for as I’ve found out recently, everything in the US comes in bunches) to play at a show in los angeles. To this task I feel as I have succeded, as I wrote 14 pieces of music, 9 of which I played at the show. Some may become violet indiana songs, some may remain as instrumental pieces and some may be forgotten.
The show was lovely for me, a very warm audience and I have to say a special thanks to the countless people who helped to make it happen, especially phil, juan and mo who looked after me beautifully and allowed me to borrow a guitar and some effects to use for the show. And denshion, who played with me, well what can I say…sublime


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